Atoka OK, Your location for Success!


Atoka OK, located on Hwy 69/75, is 2 hours from four major markets: Oklahoma City OK, Tulsa OK, Ft Smith AR, and Dallas TX.  Hwy 69/75 is a major highway and the most direct route from Houston to the Northern mid-west states.


The Atoka City Industrial Development Authority (ACIDA) has two industrial parks.  The Light Industrial Park is located on Liberty Rd (Hwy 3), adjacent to the Atoka City Community Building. 

The Heavy Industrial Park has full infrastructure, including electricity provided by PSO, natural gas provided by Summit, access to high-speed internet fiber, and all-important water.  Our energy partners work closely with our Economic Development Team to enhance industrial development.  This park is inside the City limits of Atoka OK.


Our downtown central business district boasts the addition of Reba’s Place, opening in fall 2022.  This project propels the downtown redevelopment into high gear.  The City Council and the Atoka City Economic Development Authority are working hard to improve the quality of life of SE OK residents. 

Team Atoka:

Team Atoka consists of leaders in the community that work with the city, county, state and residents to strengthen Atoka and SE Oklahoma’s quality of life.  We use a five-point approach to address the following segments: Jobs, Housing, Education, Health, and Tourism.

ACIDA has always maintained a vigorous search for employers.  Job creation numbers are predominant qualifiers for companies to access ACIDA land, buildings, and incentives.

Housing:Multiple organizations currently address housing for low-income earners.  The Choctaw Nation actively addresses this issue with tribal members by completing ten new homes with 55 units in the planning process.  The 55 units available for tribal members will include senior housing, single-family residential, and apartments.
ACIDA is addressing the housing issues of the moderate-income earners by clearing the ACIDA land on 6th Street located behind the High School on Great House.  Currently, ACIDA is accepting proposals for development to construct homes.  More information is available by contacting the ACIDA Director.  There is also a need for market-rate, multi-family housing.

The Kiamichi Technology Center Atoka Campus offers courses and works directly with the Public School System to develop programs to help students and adults prepare for the workforce.  The Tech Center also creates programs geared toward specific industrial needs.  They are an excellent partner with our new industries.  KTC will also tailor education and certifications for specific industrial needs.

ACIDA works closely with TSET and the Healthy Community Initiative.  The Health Department and TSET are addressing issues such as access to healthy food options, training for workplace healthy initiatives, and working to improve the quality of life for Atoka and SE OK citizens.

Along with our Quality of Life, Atoka has a new state-of-the-art Football/Sports Stadium located on Greathouse Dr, opposite the school complex.  Atoka also has an extremely high-quality sports complex with baseball, softball, and soccer fields, located on Hwy 3.

The Atoka County Museum functions as a rest stop and museum.  Atoka is located approximately 2.5 hours from Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas, TX, and Ft Smith, AR.  This location makes Atoka the perfect spot to stop and stretch your legs.  
Atoka currently has a traffic count of ~22,400 vehicles per day on Hwy 69/75, with substantial peaks during weekends and holidays.  Highways 3 & 7 intersect Atoka, making our daily traffic count ~30,000 vehicles per day with approximately 30% truck traffic.
Reba’s Place will make Atoka an international tourist destination.  This venue is expected to bring ~3,000 visitors per day downtown.

Plans are being implemented to increase the tourism viability for Lake Atoka.  This lake, owned by the City of Oklahoma City, provides water to them and Atoka. 

Additional reasons to locate your industry in Atoka!

We have the infrastructure to meet your needs: electric, natural gas, high-speed fiber internet, and all-important water.   Atoka is located in the following incentives or tax credit areas: Federal Opportunity Zone, Enterprise Zone, New Market Tax Credits, OK Quality Jobs, plus local incentives related to job creation.

Atoka – the location and resources your company needs to succeed.

Thank you for investing in Atoka!

Carol Ervin

ACIDA Director

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